Sunday, July 16, 2017

WP -- Nearly 6 months into office, President Trump's approval rating drops to 36 percent

President Trump’s standing with the American people has deteriorated since the spring, buffeted by perceptions of a decline in U.S. leadership abroad, that his agenda at home is stalled and by an unpopular Republican health-care bill, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

His overall approval rating has dropped to 36 percent from 42 percent in April. His disapproval has risen five points to 58 percent. Overall, 48 percent say they “disapprove strongly” of Trump’s performance in office, a level never reached by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and reached only in the second term of George W. Bush.

Almost half of all Americans (48 percent) see the country’s leadership in the world as weaker since Trump was inaugurated, compared with 27 percent who say it is stronger.

The poll overwhelming shows concern regarding the American Health Care Act -- the Senate Republicans health care bill -- in its reductions of health care coverage for low-income Americans while cutting taxes and fees, imposed by the 2010 Affordable Care Act, for Americans who can well-afford health care even if there was no health care legislation.  

The poll shows (52 percent) that many Americans believe Democratic opposition to Trump is not based on their agenda but primarily in taking a stand against Trump. However, that’s poor judgment. Trump stands for everything that is contrary to the Democrat’s agenda, the core beliefs, and values of Democrats. Being critical of Trump’s performance, and standing against everything that Trump does and favors is working in support of their agenda.

By Scott Clement and Dan Balz