Saturday, July 29, 2017

SF Chronicle -- What you bought and what you got from Trump

Trump is creating news -- firing his chief of staff, threatening his attorney general, telling trans they can't serve the country in the military, disparaging everyone in sight -- to keep his base's attention away from the fact that he's done almost nothing he promised, while filling his administration with Wall Streeters and CEOs.

You had your reasons for voting for Donald Trump. For some of you, he seemed the lesser of two evils, because you hated Hillary. Some of you just wanted to shake up the Washington establishment and end politics as usual.

But many of you were attracted by what he promised. So after six months, it’s fair to consider whether he’s delivered on those promises.

I’m not talking about the sort of things you knew were not really going to happen, like locking her up or building a wall along the entire U.S.- Mexico border.

I’m talking about policies he told you he’d get done, many of them right away.

In Reich’s column for the San Francisco Chronicle, he lists a dozen big ones, along with the record so far.

By Robert Reich