Sunday, July 23, 2017

AP -- Trump’s new message man deletes inconvenient tweets

President Donald Trump announced Friday that he had hired Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci as White House Communications Director to help the White House sharpen its public message.

Like in love and war, evidently all is fair in politics too. Trump’s new communications director announced Saturday that he’s deleting old tweets, saying his own views have evolved.

That’s nonsense. It’s being deceptive. It’s not because his thinking has evolved. It’s because it’s politically expedient. How will anyone believe what he says?

Trump can sharpen his public message by being honest. Hiring someone to communicate his message who will repeat the same lies is not sharpening his message.    

By the way, Anthony Scaramucci has a very appropriate nickname: Mooch.

Social media users quickly did a deep dive and recirculated past tweets by Scaramucci that were at odds with Trump’s views, including one that praised Hillary Clinton’s competence. Trump defeated Clinton for president last year and continues to criticize her, including in several tweets Saturday.

Other repurposed Scaramucci tweets expressed support for stronger gun laws, which he tweeted about in August 2012. In May 2016, he expressed displeasure with individuals who believe climate change is a hoax.

The politics of “gotcha” are over. I have a thick skin and we’re moving on to @POTUS agenda serving the American people.’

By Darlene Superville