Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vanity Fair -- Is Donald Trump Too Offensive To Be President?

"So far, Donald Trump is on his way to being merely a bad president rather than the worst. (That could change; please, Fates, do not pounce.) Yet I doubt any president has had more people saying, only months in, 'This guy’s gotta go.' I admit I’m often one of those people myself, even though I consider Trump’s proven misdeeds to be technically minor so far. A small but growing number of people on the right are calling for Trump’s removal, too. New York Times columnist Ross Douthat has called for Republicans to launch a palace coup against the president, and American Conservative writer Rod Dreher has suggested that Congress impeach Trump 'to protect the integrity of our constitutional order.' Even Trump supporters have sometimes hinted at frayed patience, watching their agenda slip away over yet another 'modern day presidential' tweet.

"What we’re learning, it seems, is how much propriety, even in purely ritualistic form, matters in a president. What some of us (like this writer) are struggling with is the question of whether an absence of sobriety can ever justify something so drastic as premature removal from office."

Trump addressing the crowd
in Krasinski Square in Poland on July 6.
By Krystian Dobuszynski
NurPhoto/Getty Images

By T.A. Frank