Friday, July 7, 2017

Robert Reich: The art of the Trump-Putin deal (VIDEO)

What would Vladimir Putin have to gain in a hypothetical deal with Donald Trump?

The art of the Trump-Putin deal
If anyone doubts Russia is benefiting from the Donald Trump presidency, they just haven’t thought about it enough. Russia benefits from the Trump presidency in any number of ways—at least 20 by my count.

They would also unquestionably benefit even more if the hubbub caused by their interference with the American presidential election on Trump’s behalf hadn’t cast such a spotlight on the issue, which has produced continuing revelations about their connections to high-level Trump staffers, basically every few days, for the entire Trump presidency.-- Newsweek/Quora

However, “Trump met with Vladimir Putin today at the G-20 summit. I'm not suggesting Trump cut a deal with Putin last year to interfere in the election, but if he did, what might Trump have agreed to do for Putin? Our latest video explains what Putin stands to gain from Trump's presidency. -- Robert Reich