Saturday, July 15, 2017

Washington Post -- Ivanka Trump clothing line practices are out of step with industry trends

Donald Trump’s “America first” agenda pressures companies to keep jobs in the United States while Ivanka Trump’s business—like nearly all apparel businesses in the US—extensively outsources the production of its pants, shoes, blouses, leather bags and other products.

An investigative report from the Washington Post traced shipments of Ivanka Trump-branded goods using US customs logs and international shipping records. It found the company relies on factories in countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.

Ivanka Trump’s business practices contradict her father’s agenda. But they also contradict her own.

On the campaign trail Trump pledged to bring back American jobs and he blasted corporations that outsource to cheap foreign labor. But one company escaped Trump's outrage: Ivanka's fashion line.

Her company's overseas business practices are amongst the worst of all U.S. outsourcers, according to new report by the Washington Post.

1. The brand relies exclusively on sweatshops abroad. Dresses made in China. Blouses in Indonesia. Jackets in Bangladesh. Suits in Vietnam. Not a single stitch in the United States.

2. The conditions at these factories are appalling even by corporate standards. Workers have little rights and pay is below other clothing manufacturers. Nor does the company conduct independent audits. In China, three activists investigating conditions at a Trump factory were recently jailed.

3. Ivanka also touts gender equality, but her brand viciously exploits women, who make up the majority of the labor force in the garment industry. At an one Indonesian facility -- where wages are far below the region’s minimum wage -- female workers can barely afford basic expenses like housing and their children's education. They are berated by hostile male supervisors. No child care is provided. Organizing for better working condition is completely out of the question.

The hypocrisy of the Trump family now reaches from the White House to the poorest corners of the globe.