Sunday, July 30, 2017

National Review -- When a Diminishing President Is a Good Thing

"To see what is in front of one's nose," George Orwell wrote, "needs a constant struggle." An unnoticed reason for cheerfulness is that in one, if only one, particular, Trump is something the nation did not know it needed -- a feeble president whose manner can cure the nation's excessive fixation with the presidency.

George Will writes that people overly concerned and worry that Trump’s outrageous Boy Scout speech, and his law and order speech encouraging police officers to overlook due process and embrace brutality, diminishes the presidency are missing the point, which is: For now, worse is better. To make it worse is better because it robs the presidency of the adulation Trump expects and his self-important behaviors that have encrusted it.

There will be 42 more months of this president's increasingly hilarious-beyond-satire exaltation of himself, heightened by his constant whining about his tribulations. This protracted learning experience, which the public chose to have and which should not be shortened, might whet the public's appetite for an adult president confident enough to wince at, and disdain, the adoration of folks like Anthony Scaramucci.

Robert Reich and I agree, in that he said,”I seldom agree with George Will. But he's exactly right. 

By George Will