Friday, July 21, 2017

Think Progress -- Trump officially nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDA’s top scientist

The Trump administration’s war on science continues apace.

Sam Clovis, a former right-wing radio host, climate change denier and now nominee to be the Department of Agriculture's top scientist. He knows about as much about science as Lassie.

Sam Clovis, a former Trump campaign adviser, and one-time conservative talk radio host has no background in the hard sciences, nor any policy experience with food or agriculture. Still, that did not stop President Donald Trump from officially nominating Clovis to the position of the United States Department of Agriculture’s undersecretary of research, education, and economics, the agency’s top science position.

In the past, the undersecretary of research, education, and economics has brought years of experience in science, public health, or food policy. Previous undersecretaries have been biochemists, plant physiologists, or food nutrition experts. The most recent undersecretary, Catherine Woteki, came to the position from Mars, Inc., where she helped manage the company’s scientific research on health, nutrition, and public safety.

Clovis, on the other hand, comes to the position after serving as national co-chair for the Trump campaign, which he joined in 2015. Before that, Clovis was a professor of economics at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. He has a doctorate in public administration and unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

By Natasha Geiling