Sunday, July 23, 2017

AP -- Trump asserts all agree he has 'complete power' to pardon

Trump claimed in a Saturday morning barrage of tweets that he has “complete power to pardon.”

Reports say that Trump has inquired about the authority he has as president to pardon aides, relatives or even himself in connection with the widening investigation into Russian interference.

Apparently, Trump is giving a lot of thought to how he might handle the ongoing probe into his campaign's contacts with Russian officials.

A few days ago Trump and his legal team discussed his power to pardon aides, family members -- and even himself if it’s determined that he acted illegally.

It’s “Rubbish, comments Robert Reich. No person is above the law in the United States. No one can get away with violating the law by pardoning himself or his family members. No president has the complete power to pardon, because no president is above the law. That’s why we have a Constitution.”

In Saturday’s 10 tweets Trump commented not only about pardons, but about former presidential rival Hillary Clinton, his son Don Jr., health care, the USS Gerald Ford, the attorney general, and other issues as well.

By Darlene Superville