Monday, July 10, 2017

NY Times -- The Europeans have stopped trying to paper over their differences with President Trump and the United States.

Being in office for just a few months, an authoritarian nationalist President of the United States has managed to turn Europe and the world against us. “Democracy is a joke, says China – just look at Donald Trump.”

Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter says, “It can reasonably be said that our dear leader is now the most ridiculed man on the planet. In fact, he may well be the most ridiculed man in history.”

President Trump needs to be removed from office. He had no business becoming the President of the United States.

Traditionally respectful of American leadership and mindful of the country’s crucial role in European defense and global trade, European leaders normally repress or soften their criticism of United States presidents. Europeans were generally not happy with President Barack Obama’s reluctance to involve the country in Libya and Syria, for example, or his tardiness to engage in what clearly became an international confrontation with Russia in Ukraine, but their criticism was quiet.

But here at the Group of 20 summit meeting of the world’s industrialized nations, public splits with Mr. Trump were the order of the day. Those rifts have been reflected in European domestic politics, too, from Britain and France to Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Europe must “take our fate into our own hands” and stop “glossing over” clear differences.

The new French president, Emmanuel Macron, whose election has given renewed confidence to the Europeans, said bluntly: Our world has never been so divided. Centrifugal forces have never been so powerful. Our common goods have never been so threatened.

Mr. Macron, who waved his iPhone around during the meeting as a symbol of global trade, sharply criticized those like Mr. Trump who do not support multilateral institutions but push nationalism instead.

We need better coordination, more coordination, Mr. Macron said. We need those organizations that were created out of the Second World War. Otherwise, we will be moving back toward narrow-minded nationalism.