Friday, July 21, 2017

Obama to Republicans: I didn’t create Trump -- your hate toward me did! (VIDEO)

By Edward-Isaac Dovere
Last October, President Barack Obama highly criticized Republican leadership for their actions that lead to the presidency of Donald Trump. Obama said Republicans had been “riding this tiger for a long time’ and “feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years.”

No one who stands by Trump this year, Obama said, can claim to be serious about family values or foreign policy. And nobody can claim higher ground than Trump if they spent the last eight years pursuing an agenda he said was pure opposition, embracing a right-wing media that regularly trafficked in conspiracy theories and accepting personal attacks on him from their base.

“They stood by while this happened, and Donald Trump as he’s prone to do, he didn’t build the building himself — he just slapped his name on it and took credit for it.

Obama is right, it’s exactly what created the conditions for Donald Trump’s presidency.