Sunday, July 16, 2017

Washington Post -- The GOP’s moral rot is the problem, not Donald Trump Jr.

The WP’s Jennifer Rubin writes,

Out of its collective sense of victimhood came the GOP’s disdain for not just intellectuals but also intellectualism, science, Economics 101, history and constitutional fidelity. If the Trump children became slaves to money and to their father’s unbridled ego, then the GOP became slaves to its own demons and false narratives. A party that has to deny climate change and insist illegal immigrants are creating a crime wave — because that is what “conservatives” must believe, since liberals do not — is a party that will deny Trump’s complicity in gross misconduct . . .” 

Examples are numerous from Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan, his fellow Republicans, President Donald Trump, and the Trump administration, who literally want to take food, shelter and health care away from poor people. The mindset of the Republican Party towards the indigent is that they are useless lazy moochers who do not contribute to American society.

However, “when Ryan was 15 years old, his father died from an alcoholism related heart attack. Ryan and his family then received his father’s Social Security survivor’s benefits. Ryan used that money to attend college. This was not the only money that Paul Ryan received from the federal government. His family built its wealth from receiving government contracts.

Paul Ryan’s family business was built in a large part on government contracts. Ryan Incorporated Central began in 1884 doing government-subsidized railroad construction, moved into building federal interstate highways, helped build O’Hare Airport, and has had at least 22 defense contracts with the federal government since 1996.

Paul Ryan has combined meanness, cruelty toward the weak and the vulnerable with gross and unapologetic hypocrisy.” And he leads a party that is equally cruel and callous. The Republican Party’s main purpose is to serve the wealthy.

“ . . . It’s a party as unfit to govern as Trump is unfit to occupy the White House. It’s not by accident that Trump chose to inhabit the party that has defined itself in opposition to reality and to any ‘external moral truth or ethical code.’”

By Jennifer Rubin