Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Hill: Trump makes ninth golf course visit in seven weeks in office

“The reason for the trip to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, about 25 miles outside Washington, wasn't exactly leisure.

“Trump hosted several Cabinet secretaries at the club to discuss healthcare reform efforts, the economy and national security issues, according to pool reports. He also praised the Secret Service for its efforts to stop an intruder at the White House.”

However, the same meeting should have been held at the White House.

President Trump is taking every opportunity to use his position to his advantage. He’s making money for the Trump brand, not really working on behalf of Americans.

Trump is costing you and me and every other taxpayer a fortune.

He was on one of his golf courses again Saturday -- his ninth visit to a Trump golf course in the 7 weeks since he took office.

Trump is spending on travel each month just about as much as the Obamas spent in an entire year, not even including the travel and security costs of Trump’s children or his wife and son remaining in the Trump Tower in New York – estimated to cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day.

You may recall Trump had been the main critic of the amount of money the Obamas spent on vacations (Trump tweet from 2012: “President Barack Obama’s vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars – Unbelievable!”)

We’re all safer when he plays golf than when he’s back in the White House, so maybe it’s a small price to pay.

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By Max Greenwood