Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New York Times: When One President Smears Another

What we have as President of the United States is an authoritarian, one who is “a compulsive liar and malignant narcissist.”

Trump’s power is alarming because we have a republican majority in Congress who like the fact they now have a republican in the White House. They will let Trump get away with a lot of dangerous mischief before taking action.

“What happens when a president cries wolf so many times? Can anyone believe him — even on matters like wars, national tragedies, and natural disasters? Trump alleged what would be an historic scandal about Obama, and barely anyone reacted with urgency. What does that say about the White House? About his capacity to relay accurate information to the public? And his propensity to believe conspiracy theories?”

Moreover, when presidents lie there can be national and international consequences. Some intended and some unintended. If a president is caught lying it brings his or her ability to lead into question. It damages the presidents integrity as well as the country’s. It also says that a president does not trust the people he represents to comprehend and act responsibly when the truth is known.
Moreover, the state of Trump’s mental health is in question.

That should scare the pants off of every American, but it does not. Trump’s die hard followers are of the same stripe as he. Lies and deceit are acceptable to them.  Considering that his followers represents 46.7 percent of the voters who voted in the 2016 election, the rest of us should be very concerned.

President Obama and President-elect Trump 
in the Oval Office in November. 
Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times 

 When One President Smears Another

By The NY Times Editorial Board, march 5, 2017