Saturday, March 11, 2017

Robert Reich, The Hill: Flynn was paid to lobby for Turkey while attending Trump intel briefings: report

Flynn's firm was paid more than $500,000 by Inovo for public relations and research work, including looking into exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, who resides in Pennsylvania. His extradition is being sought by Turkey, which has accused him of fomenting a coup attempt last year.

Will the foreign agents in the Trump administration please stand up?

Michael T. Flynn, who went from the campaign trail to the White House as President Trump’s first national security adviser, now acknowledges that he worked as a foreign agent last year representing the interests of the Turkish government in a dispute with the United States.

Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, registered as a lobbyist last year but didn't file papers with the Justice Department registering as a foreign agent until this week. The firm that hired him is owned by a Turkish-American businessman with links to leaders in Ankara, and asked him to work on an issue important to the government.

Last fall, Trump was running on a platform of America First. But his advisor on national security was being paid more than $500,000 to put Turkey first.

Which raises the obvious question: If Trump’s national security advisor was a foreign agent, who else in the Trump campaign – or the Trump White House -- was or is a foreign agent? Paul Manafort? Steven Bannon? Steve Miller? Roger Stone?

(Photo: Michael Reynolds, EPA)
By Nikita Vladimirov