Friday, March 10, 2017

Slate: Donald Trump Did Not Make the Jobs Report Great Again

Dan Rather:

As we hear the news about jobs growth, I would like to quote a Facebook post from my team News And Guts:

"To put the jobs numbers in perspective, this was the 76th consecutive month for jobs growth, a record. Also, there were 4 months in 2016 when the monthly jobs report was better than today's. We mention only because the current resident of the White House has claimed he inherited a mess’”.

Also, check out this slate piece which is titled "Donald Trump Did Not Make the Jobs Report Great Again."

The Drudge Report:

U.S. companies added a solid 235,000 workers to their payrolls in February, the Department of Labor reported Friday morning, while the unemployment and labor force participation rates remained little changed. Because this was the first jobs report covering President Donald Trump's term in office, some conservatives apparently felt compelled to celebrate.

Ugh, no. Just no. This month's employment number was strong, yes, but also unexceptional. In January, the U.S. added 238,000 jobs; in September it tacked on 249,000. This time last year, we added 237,000. This month's result fell right within the range we've seen for the past several years. Trump's election might be making Wall Street investors and small businesses more optimistic or whatever, but there is no sign that has translated into jobs. Here's a chart of monthly jobs growth dating back to the Great Recession, for reference.

Donald Trump Did Not Make the Jobs Report Great Again

By Jordan Weissmann