Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Yemen Mission and the Death of Nine Children

Lengthy planning but decided over dinner, President Donald Trump gave his approval for the disastrous raid in Yemen.

 “The mission, which military officials said went off-track from the start, left Chief Petty Officer William ‘Ryan’ Owens dead and three others injured. After putting out a statement that branded the assault of a heavily fortified Yemini compound a success, the Trump White House was left to defend the first military action ordered by the newly inaugurated commander in chief.”

The raid on a village in rural Yemen reportedly aimed to capture or kill one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and deliver a stinging blow to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a militant network the US had been trying to dismantle for more than a decade.

“The collection of small brick houses in Yemen’s dusty central region was home to civilian families as well as militants and was heavily-guarded, meaning a precise, well-practiced operation was paramount.

“Intense surveillance was carried out for weeks, rehearsals took place in Djibouti, and Navy SEALS awaited the go-ahead from their commander-in-chief. It came just five days after President Donald Trump took office.

“But as the elite team descended under the cover of darkness, what could have been the first major victory for the new administration in its renewed mission to defeat radical Islam quickly went dreadfully wrong.

“As cover was blown, enemy fire returned and contingency plans failed, tragedy unfolded on all sides.”

Here is a edited video from Fox News that the US military found embarrassing after it was released of the raid in Yemen that had been already published online.

 And, a report from News and Guts: