Friday, February 3, 2017

Resistance Is Not Anarchy

Regardless of how strongly we feel about President Trump and the people who put him there, we can resist without resorting to anarchy and violence. If we don't, we're simply being what they are: people who seem to lack compassionate concern for others, people who apparently view confrontation as strong leadership, people who view riding roughshod over people and ruling by tyrannical force is the only way to exact change. Violence will only be used as good fodder to attack us and diminish our purpose. Moreover, by doing so, we will be demonstrating the same lack of compassion as they, and will be violating all the other values we say we possess. The people who support Trump believe that change happens by electing a President who will bring change by tearing apart what exist and start anew. Instead of believing that change happens incrementally by way of peaceful, vociferous actions of a united concerned citizenry.