Monday, February 27, 2017

Juan Cole: Spurned Reporters should dump Trump Briefings, turn to Investigative Journalism

This morning on my newsfeed came a TomDispatch posting of a Juan Cole piece regarding how journalist should treat Trump’s declaration that the press produces ‘fake news’ and is the enemy of the people.


“Here's the sort of headline [Press pool left in darkness as Trump dines at his hotel] that makes you wish the media would simply forget about its imperial presidency style of coverage of Trump and his administration: "Press pool left in darkness as Trump dines at his hotel." Hey, miss dinner! Send those reporters to do something useful like real reporting. It's the point Juan Cole makes today in his latest column!” Tom

Here's a snippet but please read the article.

Juan Cole:

"So here’s to Trump excluding virtually all the newspapers and cable channels. Let him. Go get the scoops he doesn’t want you to have.

"Someone (probably not George Orwell) once said, ‘News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.’ Whoever said it, truer words were never spoken.

"We need less advertising (or ‘public relations’ in some versions), and a helluva lot more journalism these days."

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | - - Donald Trump was unhappy Saturday that the major media had neglected …