Friday, February 24, 2017

The Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Order Ending Use of Private Prisons

The Justice Department will once again use private prisons to house federal inmates, reversing an Obama-era directive to stop using the facilities. We can expect the trend to privatization of health care, social services, education, and other government institutions, agencies and services to continue. This is not making America great.

Here are comments from Robert Reich, Dan Rather’s News and Guts, and Bernie Sanders.

Robert Reich

In a memo released yesterday, the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, r. Not surprisingly, the stock prices of the corporations running most private prisons in this country soared today. Corecivic (formerly known as, Corrections Corp. Of America) and Geo Group Inc. reached record highs.

It should be obvious that the profits pocketed by the executives and shareholders of private prisons represent taxpayer money not spent on prisons. The so-called “market” for private prisons doesn’t function. Unlike consumers, who can hold companies accountable for lousy performance by switching their dollars to competitors, prisoners and taxpayers have no such option – prisoners, because they’re literally captive; taxpayers, because they have no idea how prisoners are being treated or mistreated.

Sessions is proving he’s every bit as horrible as we had expected. And this is just the start.