Friday, February 10, 2017

Robert Reich: The Real Reason Republicans Want to Repeal Obamacare

Palm Beach Post editorial cartoon
Cartoon View Drew Sheneman

Many people like the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet they don't like Obamacare . . .  even though they're the same thing.

Obamacare is an anti-Obama moniker for ACA, the health care law. Opposition and lack of support occurred when it was labeled Obamacare.

Republicans have many times voted to repeal and replace the law without success.

"The Affordable Care Act is built as it is for a reason: You can't ban discrimination on the basis of pre-existing conditions without a mandate, you can't have a mandate without providing tax subsidies for those who can't afford insurance, and you can't provide subsidies without leveling other taxes to pay for them. Kicking out one of those facets of the law brings the whole thing crashing down."

“And despite the constant GOP carping to the contrary, Obamacare is chugging along – imperfect to be sure, but providing insurance to millions who didn't have it before and providing a host of other benefits.

“So Republicans either have to take away insurance from people who like their plans and want to keep them—to borrow a turn of phrase—or maintain a high level of continuity with a law they've spent years saying would turn America into a socialist hellscape. And if they do go the repeal route, they'll harm and potentially enrage those people who depend upon the law, even if the beneficiaries don't know exactly what it's called: Losing access to Medicaid or tax subsidies—or being subjected to a new round of insurer discrimination for, say, cancer—transcends political labels.”

And the reason Republicans want to repeal ACA is clearly explained by Robert Reich

Watch Reich’s and Inequality Media video and find out: