Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Hill -- Trump told golf club members that the White House is 'a real dump'

President Trump has reportedly denounced his White House digs, telling members at his New Jersey Bedminster golf club that the historic presidential residence is "a real dump."

The president made the remarks to his patrons in an effort to explain his frequent visits to his club.

Trump’s complaint is a cruel reminder of just how far America’s deterioration of values, ethics, and morals have declined. Trump, who should be exemplar of best practices, behavior, and moral values, demonstrates this deterioration pretty much on a daily basis.

We continue to sink into that abyss with little Republican condemnation. And, they are the only ones who can effectively do anything about it.

I'm sorry, Mr. Trump. The White House was perfectly fine for your predecessors, who found inspiration and a sense of duty as they walked its hallowed halls.
Besides, the presidency isn't about improving quality of your life. It's about improving the lives of the American people.

You've already cost American taxpayers over $20 million for travel between Washington and your private clubs. If you want to spend weekends in more palatial surroundings, pay for it yourself.

By Olivia Beavers