Wednesday, August 9, 2017

When Presidents Lie, Ten Steps for Turning Lies Into Truth (VIDEO)

L.A. Times: Why Trump Lies
Presidential dishonesty, like so many things in life, is not what it used to be. Before the 1960s, few could even imagine that a President would deliberately mislead them on matters so fundamental as war and peace. When the evidence of presidential lying grew so enormous the phenomenon could no longer be avoided, its revelation helped force both Lyndon Johnson and his successor, Richard Nixon, out of the office. LBJ’s false assurances regarding the second Tonkin Gulf incident and their later exposure would prove a significant factor in his own political demise, the destruction, and repudiation of his party, and the ambitious Texan’s personal humiliation and disgrace. Much the same can be said about his successor, the no less ambitious or dishonest Nixon. He, too, paid for his deceptions with his presidency, his reputation and a degrading defeat for his party in the following presidential election.

“Even American leaders who lie generally know the difference between their statements and the truth. Richard Nixon said I am not a crook but by that point must have seen that he was. Bill Clinton said I did not have sexual relations with that woman but knew that he did.

“[But Trump] targets the darkness, anger, and insecurity that hide in each of us and harnesses them for his own purposes.

“The insult that Donald Trump brings to the equation is an apparent disregard for fact so profound as to suggest that he may not see much practical distinction between lies if he believes they serve him, and the truth.”

Robert Reich says, There have always been politicians who fudge facts and inflate their resumes, but Trump has taken lying to a whole new level. On everything from issues of national security to phone calls with the Boy Scouts, it's nearly impossible to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Be vigilant. Know the truth and spread it.

Here are Reich's 10 steps for turning lies into truth: