Thursday, August 3, 2017

Robert Reich -- Dangerously, Trump has no credibility left; when something serious happens no one will believe him.

Trump said last weekend that the head of the Boy Scouts had called to say Trump’s speech was the best ever delivered to the Boy Scouts. Trump also said the president of Mexico phoned to tell him that Trump's tough enforcement efforts at the border were paying off.

But the Boy Scouts and the Mexican government said neither phone call occurred. Today the White House conceded that they didn't.

If this were all there was to it, we might just chalk it up to more Trump hyperbole. But Trump is now way beyond hyperbole. He lies continuously, obsessively, compulsively. He lies about everything.

What’s particularly dangerous for the United States is that the president of the United States has no credibility left. If and when he has some serious fact to convey, no one will believe him.

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis