Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Atlantic -- Mueller Plunges Across Trump's Red Line

Special Council Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury. It’s a clear indication that his investigation is moving quickly. The Atlantic and others report that Mueller’s probe has moved past the 2016 election and into financial crimes as well as a focus on Trump’s attempts to obstruct the FBI investigation into influences Russia may have or had on his presidency.

In the past, Trump threatened to fire Mueller if the Russian probe went beyond the 2016 election. Nevertheless, Trump’s attorney says he welcomes any steps that will bring the investigation closer to its conclusion. Based on Trump’s rhetoric, I am not sure he would agree.

His threat to fire Mueller, however, has been challenged. Over concerns that the president might try to finagle a way to get rid of Mueller, Senators have introduced a bill to prevent the President from firing Mueller without cause or a good enough reason to convince federal judges.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, we will know the truth. And the truth may end the presidency of this dangerous man.

By David A. Graham