Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump Won’t Give Up Unsupported Claim of Barack Obama Wiretapping his offices

President Donald Trump continues to insist on his unsupported claim that former President Barack Obama ordered wiretaps of Trump Tower, regardless of the fact there is no supporting evidence.

CBS’ Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson interviewed President Trump on Sunday on a range of issues. During a part of the interview held in the Oval Office, Trump became angered when Dickerson pressed Trump on whether he still stood by the Obama wiretapping claim.

During Dickerson’s conversation with Trump, Trump brought up the subject of Obama’s surveillance. Dickerson followed up with asking Trump about his tweet in March, in which he called Obama “sick and bad,” and does he still stick by that claim, Trump said you don’t have to ask that question.

Dickerson: "You're the president of the United States. You said he was ‘sick and bad’ because he had tapped you."

Trump: "You can take it any way you want."

Dickerson: "I'm asking you because you don't want it to be fake news. I want to hear it from President Trump."

(Trump continued the exchange insisting he had his opinions and that Dickerson could draw his own conclusions.)

Dickerson: "But I want to know your opinions. You're the president of the United States."

Trump: "OK, it's enough. Thank you. Thank you very much,"

Trump then stepped away and sat at the desk.

Trump’s opinion is important because he is the President of the United States of America. Any U.S. President’s opinion influences the views of every American who is listening. Beyond an opinion, if the President of the United States publicly makes an accusation— particularly when it’s against a former president, in this case, his predicessor—he or she needs to be able to back it up.

Here’s the video of that part of the interview: