Sunday, May 7, 2017

CBS — At FDA, TVs now turned to Fox News and can't be switched

Televisions at the Food and Drug Administration Biological and Research facility were changed to exclusively broadcast Fox News.

In an email sent on May 3 to employees at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, a representative for the agency's Office of Facilities wrote, “The current administration ... has requested that all monitors, under our control, on the White Oak Campus, display Fox News.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am unable to change any of the monitors to any other news source at this time.”

According to an agency official, the email was written by “a customer service representative from the FDA’s Office of Facilities responding to a group of employees” who had complained about the change to Fox News. FDA claims it was not an administrative directive.

Two days later, on Friday morning, TV monitors returned to some CNN and some Fox News.

However, the change to exclusively Fox News did take place.

It’s disturbing because Fox News is Donald Trump’s favorite news source. Trump has expressed his opinion that CNN is “fake news” and the only reliable news source is Fox, even congratulating Fox & Friends for its ratings.

Even though the Trump administration denies it, there remains a distinct possibility that the Trump administration did make the request. It’s also possible that some administrator or manager orally gave those instructions to employees.

The incident also raises more questions about Donald Trump’s leadership.

At FDA, TVs now turned to Fox News and can't be switched

By Laura Strickler