Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders message to Republican Senators regarding their healthcare plan (VIDEO)

Before they think about cutting Medicaid by $800 billion behind closed doors, I want my Republican colleagues to listen to the stories of people like Ms. Weintraub, who relies on Medicaid to live an independent life. How do Republicans morally justify cutting her services while giving massive tax breaks to their wealthy donor friends?

Sen. Sanders On GOP Efforts To Replace Obamacare

A favored comment to Bernie's Facebook post:

David Mook Vincent from Canada: ”Healthcare is about caring for your community. It's about having a neighbor who can't pay their little daughter's cancer treatment bills and everyone in the community saying "hey man, guess what? We all came together and pitched in a few dollars each for your daughter. The rich paid more, the poor paid little (if any) and you just have to pitch in your part and the rest is all paid. Your daughter is safe now." it's about being a community and know that it would do the same for you. Anyone opposing health insurance, in my opinion, is either brainwashed by corrupt media or selfish. And actually it costs less when there is only one governmental healthcare instead of all the private ones, so these people can't even be considered selfish........ Just mislead."
According to my nephew, an Aetna Healthcare executive, the only thing blocking Universal Healthcare (like the all the rest of the developed world has) are the huge insurance company profits. Example: The CEO of my prescription insurance company raked in $66 million last year. $66 million - one man - one year. Healthcare is a right, multi-million dollar bonuses are not. 

Universal Healthcare is the only real solution to our healthcare crisis. A 2.2% payroll tax plus a small transaction fee on speculative Wall Street transactions could cover everyone, lower drug costs, lower total medical costs, and save most families thousands! All of your premiums, deductibles, co-pays go away!! Universal healthcare may not be free, but it is freeing: you are free to change jobs without the worry of losing healthcare, a parent is free to stay home a few years and raise children, free to go back to college, free to make life choices without sacrificing healthcare. Time to put real people and their needs before corporations and their profits. The rest of the developed world does it and the richest country in the world can too.