Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dan Rather: Trump's decision throws the future health of the planet into grave doubt.

It is as was feared. President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. This is momentous. It is ominous. And it throws the future health of the planet into grave doubt.

Some who are knowledgeable on this topic think the damage could be minimized by a renewed effort by the rest of the world, and action here at the state and local level as well as in the private sector. Others fear this could be a death knell for our global environment, as countries will shirk their responsibilities and the Paris deal will unravel. History will tell.

But whatever happens, this was a reckless and intemperate action. It is not based on science or reason. And it will not strengthen the United States.

How will President Trump argue for his actions? Who really cares? The world is watching, future generations wait in judgment, and we have shirked our moral responsibility as a member of the world community.

We can only hope that when we look back at this, it is seen as a nadir on our path back to sanity. Will this awaken voters, business interests, and reasonable politicians? We can only hope and vow to do our part.