Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump: I Could Run My Business Perfectly And Then Run The Country Perfectly

Donald Trump refuses to divest from his business and put it into a blind trust managed by an independent trustee in accordance with the guidelines of the Ethics in Government Act. Nevertheless, legally, as long as he receives no emolument from a foreign country, there is no reason for Trump to divest.

Trump says his children will take over management and operations. He said that it would be difficult to dissolve his business, but that his obligation to serve as President of the United States would not interfere with his duties or be a problem.

“In theory, I could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly,” Trump said.

But, the word “President” appears on “the Trump business enterprises all over the world, it's the case that domestic interests, foreign governments, companies, banks and individuals around the world will soon know that if they are dealing with a Trump enterprise, they are also dealing with President Trump.”

Fred Wertheimer’s opinion is “As long as Trump continues to own his business empire and his name continues to appear on his business ventures, we are facing an unprecedented misuse and abuse of the presidency for personal financial gain. The presidency has never been commercialized and privatized like this in the history of the country.

“This fundamental problem, furthermore, cannot be solved by transferring management to his children. As long as Trump continues to own the enterprises, he will be the ultimate beneficiary of the income, profits and benefits that his businesses receive.”

There is, regardless of Trump’s claim to the contrary, now and will continue to be, a clear conflict of interest, in that his obligations will be twofold:  representing the American people and serving his self-interest. When it involves making a decision that’s in the best interest of the country, but may not be in the interest of his businesses, which do you think he will choose.

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