Saturday, January 14, 2017

President-Elect Trump, Republican Party, and a Country with No Sense of Ethical or Moral Behavior

It's an American right to criticize whether qualified to do so or not. That's free speech, granted under the United States Constitution. But apparently it’s not if your criticism is of president-elect Donald Trump. Walter Shaub, director of the federal Office of Government Ethics, whose independent office is responsible for making sure that federal officials observe conflict-of-interest laws, called the arrangement for Trump's business “wholly inadequate and would leave him susceptible to “suspicions of corruption.” That roused the ire of the Republican Party who have summoned Walter Shaub to a closed-door interrogation session to explain his criticism of President-elect Donald Trump’s conflict-of-interest plans.

Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Chairman of the  House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, “noted that his committee has the power to decide whether to reauthorize the ethics office — a pointed threat to punish the office for the director doing his job.”

The United States of America has always bragged of its lofty ideals. However, it can no longer. We have a soon to be President Donald Trump who has no sense of ethical or moral behavior, and a Republican Party and citizenry complicit in it.