Monday, May 4, 2009

Comment from Kralizec on Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”.‏

Kralizec said...

"In my view, Mark Steyn in his book, America Alone, disseminates fear and hate, plain and simple."

“Most of us got something much more difficult and complex from America Alone. It seems to me that one's interpretation of another's work often shows more about the interpreter than about the writer. For it seems the interpreter must interpret in accordance with his capacities and effort, and finish with an interpretation 'plain and simple' enough for him to understand.”

From Horatio’s Perspective

It might surprise you, but I totally agree.

There is "something much more difficult and complex" to understand from Mark Steyn’s “America Alone,” but because I did not write an extended book-like treatise does not mean it’s so complex that I don’t have an understanding of his work. An internet search will provide a plethora of pro and con critique and in-depth analysis. My blog is biased to my opinion only of what I believe he is communicating or what others might interpret it to be.

When I write the result is always “in accordance with my capacities and effort,” and in doing so it simplifies and contributes to my epistemological evolution. I don’t pretend do be anything else.