Monday, May 4, 2009

Comment from Jermo Sapiens on "Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”"

Horatio: you have fallen in the same trap as most of Steyn's critics. In particular, you sense that Steyn says some not-so-nice things about people who arent white, and that sets off your politcal-correctness alarm, and you then feel free to call him a hater and a racist, thereby relieving yourself of your obligation as a critic to actually understand his point and to offer a logical response to his point.

In fact, as an avid Steyn reader, I can assure you that he is neither a hater nor a racist. He wouldnt have such a following if he was. He is certainly not politically correct, and is not afraid to offend those who make a living out of taking offense, and that is why he has so many fans.

The point he makes in America Alone is not that its worrisome that muslims have lots of kids - its that its worrisome that those of european descent have essentially stopped breeding and that we reflexively yield every aspect of our culture.

Anyways, I challenge you to come up with an actual critique of Steyn's work which is more than just throwing slanderous labels around and ad hominem attacks. Try addressing his points, without comparing him to other right-wing bogeymen like Rush Limbaugh. This attempt was particularly pathetic.

From Horatio’s Perspective

I could be wrong when I say, “Perhaps he adopts these positions in his writing because he knows that hate mongering against Muslims, immigrants, and other ethnic groups such as Mexicans, will sell books.”

Mark Steyn is a terrific writer of political and cultural satire, there is no question in mind about that. I wish I could write as well as he does, without the satire, of course. In his book, "America Alone,” his argument is logical to the conclusion he makes. I just don’t believe that he does not mean what he says, as some have suggested. I don’t believe the “jokes on us.” I don’t necessarily believe that he is at heart neither “a hater nor a racist.” I don’t suppose to know that or what is motive is in writing satire in the manner that he does, and the only way I will ever know that is when I have the ability to read the mind of man, his mind or anyone elses.

Whether he believes in what he says or not, I am still in opposition despite the logic. For some their critique will lead to agreeing with the conclusion he makes; for some their critique will be that it follows in a logical manner, but would treat the subject matter differently -- i.e. in a different writing style, but then again he is a satirist – and the conclusion or consequences could have a variety of outcomes or different scenarios other than the one drawn; but, unfortunately, for some it may lead to the emotion of fear with a resulting hate towards a population (not the zealot-extremist-radical type) that all-in-all do not deserve it.

I do understand Mark Steyn’s argument: that if the Muslim total fertility rate continues to rise above those of other ethnic groups as demonstrably indicated in the demographics of some European countries, then when those babies become the age of majority their enculturation or socialization will have a profound influence in the world. If that enculturation remains Muslim, especially if it is of the fundamentalist ideology, and there is continued adaptation of Shari‘a Law where there is no differentiation between the state and the religion of their culture, while retaining primitive attitudes of how people should live, and with primitive forms of civil and criminal justice and its punishment, Europe will be in increasing servitude to that emerging culture. Confluent with that scenario is if America’s non-Muslim total fertility rate decreases or is stagnant or we like Europe suffer an increase in Muslim birth rates there is then a certainty of doom and gloom, not only for Europe, but for America as well. If we don’t understand, acknowledge, anticipate, and act by being proactive on this overseas forecast by increasing America’s total fertility rate of non-Muslims and this forecast comes to fruition then America faces an apocalyptic end to life as she knows it. On the other hand, if America wakes up to the call of increasing their population of non-Muslims then we will certainly stand alone in the world as the only non-Muslim country in the world. In either case we are going to have the fight of our lives to preserve what we have or will be in total submission to the dominant prevailing forces. If the world, not just America, lets that happen it certainly is a frightening forecast indeed.

On your last point in your comment, I was not comparing Mark Steyn with Rush Limbaugh in the sense I believe you are implying. I was merely saying that to me it seems logical that his views in some very important ways match those of Rush Limbaugh’s conservative views or else he would not be selected by Rush Limbaugh as a substitute host for his program. After all, Mark Steyn is a conservative, is he not. It was just meant to be a small incidental point to reveal his political position.

I am not alone in this world regarding Mark Steyn.

Thank you for your comment,