Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Absurd and Radical View

Okay, even though I think this is absurd and a radical view, to all of those on the right or anyone else who buy into this nonsense: what is your plan? What would you do?

I don’t hear anyone on the right that has an answer except to say that the miracles of unbridled capitalism and free market in time will work its magic. That is exactly what got us into our current economic quagmire.

Basically this writing, “Written by an unknown Pastor's Wife, and brilliantly said,” is nothing more than a fear tactic used by those who for some unknown reason hate Obama, either because of his color, or because he is an elitist, or because he is a socialist, or they are from the right side of the aisle, or really don’t understand that whether they are democrat, republican, or independent they all embrace some form of socialism, or they are simply interlocutory demagogues. They use the same tactic of fear manipulation to draw people into their cause or point of view as Mark Steyn does in a similar way in his book, “America Alone.” They are adverse to reasonable argument put forward in a reasonable way.

There is a lot of overheated discussion these days about socialism. The discussion centers on President Obama’s economic programs, which are unquestionably socialistic. America blames the democrats for fostering these views and for writing legislation that mirrors socialism, but with President Obama they specifically find fault, even taking the extreme by calling him a communist. However, for many Americans it is the old simplistic view that my Great Grandfather preached: “Democrats are for the poor,” therefore democrats support entitlements and take a liberal view on legislative issues and do embrace the corporatocracy; “Republicans are for the rich,” therefore republicans do not support entitlements, or it’s better to say they support limited entitlements, and take a conservative or more fundamental view on legislative issues, but seemingly at least more socialistic when it comes to the corporatocracy and Wall Street. The empirical facts are that republican, democrat, or independent embrace policies that are socialistic and all in some fashion or degree embrace a certain level of entitlement spending through taxation: the government taking from those who have and giving it to those who have not.

Please tell me why in this writing that there is not blame to be passed to the prior administration.

Please tell me why any reasonable thinking man or woman would not think that Bush defiled our nation, because he did in so many ways.