Sunday, May 3, 2009

"America Alone": Response to comments

There have been so many negative comments to the Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”post I felt compelled to respond with this post:

My only purpose in writing this blog is to express my view on issues that will have an affect on the evolution of peace and stability in this world. The blog description in the title bar explains it best: This world, you and I, should dedicate ourselves to building a culture of peace by affirming that humanism will triumph the theologies of despair and the ideologies of violence: a commitment to eliminate war and all other forms of violence.

I believe that it is every American’s obligation to weed out those things that are said, written, or acted upon that will harm America, or does not set the best example of those high standards we as Americans promote we stand for. That is my intent.

Some of the reader’s comments and emails that I have received, in an effort to put me down, or to belittle, disparage, and humiliate, suggest that I must think I am some great expert or great writer or author. Well, to those who feel this way, I can tell you that I do not, and my only purpose is to express views as stated in the two opening paragraphs. I am not under the impression that I am always right, or that others who express a different view than mine are always wrong, but that the discussion over time will lead in a positive and viable direction.

I don’t intend to provide a lot of analysis or to provide statistics; that can be found in abundance simply through an internet search. I will leave that to others, except when it may not be available. I intend only to present my view.

I don’t know nor do I have any evidence that Mark Steyn is statistically wrong. His statistics on Muslim demographics may very well be accurate. I just seems to me that he in a way is putting all Muslims in the same basket.

In all religion, or secularism, in all nationalistic and patriotic passion, there are extremist, radicals, and fundamentalist who carry a particular ideology to the extreme. We must acknowledge that fact, but when in doing so we paint a whole culture, ethnic grouping, or race with the same brush stroke, we are heading down the wrong path.

I am also not saying that “there is no difference between the West, and all that Liberty we enjoy, and Shiria Islam.” There is a huge difference between Sharia Law and U.S. Constitutional based Law. Our law is based on the separation of religion and the state and Sharia Law is not.

I don’t believe that I am violating what is called "Goodwin's Law." I am not placing “Nazi Germany and Joe McCarthy on the same moral plane.” I am warning that it’s dangerous to employ fear as a tool to coerce others to your way of thinking in the way governments do.

I disagree with the statement: “We need to stop equating multiculturalism with tolerance and diversity.” Multiculturalism is synonymous with diversity. I believe through a greater understanding of others and their cultures, tolerance and honest debate concerning our mutual concerns, progress can be achieved. For at the base of the majority of American concern is the same concern of the majority of the people in this world. I believe the majority of the people in this world, not the extremist, radicals, and fundamentalist, want essentially the same from life for themselves, their children and family, their nation and communities.