Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today I received this email from a friend:

No words needed....
Americans following Obama:
(the picture was animated depicting Americans running into an abyss: a large and very deep, black hole)

My response:

I understand your feelings, as well as others who believe that the Obama team way is the wrong way.

But, what would you do? I understand the Libertarian-Conservative-Republican view, and that of Galambos, I guess. The question I have is what would you do working within the system that is in place now. We don't have the benefit of change over time, an evolutionary process. Since the fire is ablaze, don't you think we need to combat that fire with fire?

We are in perilous times: our security, our economic future, our health care failures have put Americans at risk. It's a disaster.

We rush in with aide in response to extraordinary natural disasters: Katrina, hurricanes, floods. So, should we not put aide in place for this extraordinary economic disaster?

In all respect to other points of view, I am sorry to say, that what has been preached has failed: Capitalism and Free Market in its current paradigm has failed. That is undeniable by any reasoning.

As can be seen from the demonstrations today in London, not only in the UK but people all over the world are pissed-off at how government and the financial markets have behaved. I am pissed-off. If something is not done we will have more demonstration and anarchy, and it will occur here at home, as well. People will revolt!

Please comment with your personal view.