Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Earth day is the day we set aside to remind ourselves of all the benefits to our lives all those other living and non-living things provide for us. Our environment is a laboratory, a place for practice, observation, and testing, where we gain greater knowledge about our existence and informs us on how we should proceed; it is essential to our evolution, the very purpose of our life.

All of us should take the time to reflect upon any one or number of these elements: would your life exist if there were no trees, without quality air; without gravity or, in view of our understanding of special relativity, without the earth or the other planets orbits; what would happen if we decided to just plain level the surface of the earth and tarmac, and build only buildings upon it? Could life exist? No!

Without all of the various elements, living and non-living, in our environment working together in the way it does our human life simply would not exist. We all must take actions to protect our planet from being in harms way.