Thursday, April 20, 2017

NY Times: White House Officials, Craving Progress, Push Revised Health Bill; Robert Reich Commentary

“White House officials, desperate to demonstrate progress on President Trump’s promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, are pushing to resurrect a Republican health care bill before his 100th day in office next week.”

Robert Reich says, “Keep this date in mind. Trump’s first hundred-day mark is reached a week from Saturday, on April 29.

“That date is not only a symbolic watershed – presidents have been judged on what they accomplish during their first hundred days since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s extraordinary round of lawmaking during his first hundred days in 1933.

“But this April 29 also happens to be when much of the federal government will run out of money. Reaching agreement on a measure to keep the government open past midnight on April 28 should be the first priority of Republican leaders when Congress returns Monday from a two-week spring recess.

“The question will be what games they’ll choose to play to get what they want. The difference between their former threats to close government and the situation now is that that they now control the White House and both houses of Congress.

“If they can’t get the votes for what they want, it’s their fault. If they close government down, it’s their fault. And the fact that Donald Trump is reaching his 100th day in office – almost completely devoid of accomplishment – is also their fault.”

White House Officials, Craving Progress, Push Revised Health Bill

By Matt Flegenheimer And Reed Abelson