Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Republican Party Is Planning Massive Benefit Cuts, Have an Eye on Cutting Social Security

Now that Republicans will have a willing partner, president-elect Donald Trump in the White House, Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Paul Ryan have set in motion their long-laid plans to cut Social Security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, and repeal the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. They apparently know that even though Donald Trump pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare, “. . .  there is a bit of a difference between the private person and the public person,” according to Paul Ryan. Therefore, if the public person Trump says he will protect Social Security and Medicare, the private person Trump is saying something entirely different.

“At a time when millions of seniors, disabled vets and people with disabilities are unable to get by on $11,000 or less in Social Security checks, our job is to expand Social Security, not cut it.

“ Mr. Trump, you promised to be different from Republicans and protect Social Security. Either reject this plan or tell America's seniors and workers you were lying.” — Senator Bernie Sanders

During the campaign, Donald Trump pledged to protect Social Security from cutbacks. Will he keep his promise? (Mary Altaffer / Associated Press)