Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Americans Are In For a Rough Ride for the Next Four Years

With the help of Vladimir Putin and complicity of a Republican Congress, repressive voter ID laws in some key states, acts of voter suppression, and a media that refused to hold Trump accountable, Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in the land.

President-elect Donald Trump will be as President what he is now. What you see and hear is what we are going to get.

At a recent victory rally, Trump admitted that he “fueled his supporters' anger and frustration to win the election, in part by provoking their opposition to Democrat Hillary Clinton. ‘Lock her up!’ was one of his most popular chants and could be heard at nearly every one of his campaign rallies."

"President-elect Donald Trump tried to tamp down supporters calling to 'lock up" Hillary Clinton by telling them while they were 'vicious' before the election, 'now you're laid back, you're cool, you're mellow.'

“. . . 'Oh, that's so, so terrible. So here's what I noticed: Four weeks ago, just prior to, and always prior to, you people were vicious, violent, screaming, Where's the wall? We want the wall! Screaming, Prison! Prison! Lock her up! I mean, you are going crazy,' responded Trump.

"But now, he said, 'it's much different. Now you're laid back, you're cool, you're mellow, right? You're basking in the glow of victory!'

So, what we are going to get are mixed messages, misinformation, lies, and provocative language to garner support for his plans.

Moreover, President-elect Trump’s cabinet appointments are corporate billionaires, spreaders of misinformation, fake-news stories, and those who have had made a lot of money dealing with the Russian government. The cabinet is of those who oppose the purposes of the agencies they are going to lead.

Donald Trump has defended Vladimir Putin and dismissed the findings of 17 national security agencies who have accused the Russian government of interfering in our elections. And has
disparaged the CIA and FBI.

Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns.

He cancelled a promised press conference at which he was to explain how he was going to separate himself from his businesses.

He has contempt for the press. He has indicated that he will make changes to the media’s access to information including limiting or eliminating daily White House briefings, the Saturday morning presidential address, press conferences, and the press pool.

Americans are in for a rough ride for the next four years with a Republican majority in Congress and a President Trump at the helm.