Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ron Paul for President of the United States

Ron Paul, a man of exceptional principles, moral character, leadership, and a deep commitment to the Constitution of the United States is competing for the presidency of the United States of America.

Without question, with Ron Paul what you see is what you will get.

He is a man who has not wavered in his commitment to a peaceful, free, and prosperous America. As his previous candidacies for president, his purpose has always been to inform and educate. His goal is to change hearts and minds, which is more important to him than the presidency itself: “We may not accomplish all we want, in one or even two elections. But we will accomplish it.” according to Dr. Paul.

He has received many endorsements that clearly define the goals of his ten term political life as a U.S. congressional representative.

An endorsement by 112 academics, titled Academics for Ron Paul, clearly defines in simple terms why Ron Paul deserves our support.

Here are a few quotations from Ron Paul:

“… we are seeking to reverse more than a century of big government, of the warfare-welfare state, of Federal Reserve's dollar manipulation, of a fat and happy military-industrial complex, of the subversion of our Constitution.”

“This movement has always operated on two tracks -- intellectual and political, and must. The first and most important is the intellectual. Such heroes of freedom as Ludwig von Mises, Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard, and so many others like Rose Wilder Lane, John T. Flynn, Isabel Patterson, and Garret Garrett, have helped build the foundations of freedom, prosperity, and peace. We carry on their work, to change hearts and minds.”

“Many great men and women have lived and died in this cause. I have been deeply involved in it all my life. It is a matter of educational work, and elections. We may not accomplish all we want, in one or even two elections. But we will accomplish it. Young people now living will see the free society that you and I dream of, as their everyday reality, an America at peace, prosperous and free, with the federal government chained down by the Constitution, as Jefferson said.”

“… to repeal a hundred years and more of evil, is brand-new on the face of the earth. But now is the time to stick together like the brothers and sisters we are, to stand side by side in this fight against the media toadies, warmongers, and Wall Street rip-off artists who stand against us, and who always remind me of Tolkien's Orcs.”

“The true antidote to racism is liberty. Liberty means having a limited, constitutional
government devoted to the protection of individual rights rather than group claims.”

We have Democrats making the clarion call for the need for change; we have many Republicans seemingly conflicted with the mandates of their party, on questions of the war on terror, the Iraq war, Iran, health care, and immigration. The candidates of both parties are stumbling all over each other in lust for the Presidency, only to boost their ego.

There is a candidate who is a declared Republican but a libertarian at heart, who simply wants peace, freedom, and prosperity for America -- not for his self-fulfillment but for America. Goals he has pursued for much of his life; his name is Ron Paul.

There is a candidate who is an ob-gyn physician. A man who knows from on-hand experience the needs of our healthcare system, and the needs of those who depend on it; his name is Ron Paul, MD.

“It's only in medicine that technology has raised prices rather than lowering prices.” Why is that?

There is a man who has compassion and has exhibited leadership who will not ignore the economic and social needs of any American; his name is Ron Paul.

We need a change in thinking. A change of hearts and minds on how we perceive the presidency of the United States, on how the world perceives us, as to why there is a need for war, in the perception of the social and economic needs of all Americans. It seems to me we have become a country that lacks compassion and civility; a country of questionable principle, moral character, and certainly a lack of leadership.

Going forward we need a president who will embrace the qualities of compassion, civility, American principles as delineated in the U.S. Constitution, moral character, and leadership if we are again going to be a respected and great country.

We do need change.