Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Republican Hypocrisy Really Gets Under My Skin

Even though republicans vowed to be obstructionist to President Obama, Trump’s supporters and our political leaders are telling us we must unite. Senate Republicans said, if Senator Clinton were elected, they would never confirm any Supreme Court Justice she nominates. Their goal was to make sure there would still be an opening on the Supreme Court four years from now. Now Republicans have the gall to say we should get over Trump’s campaign rhetoric and unite behind him.

So how can I root for Donald Trump’s success. How can I unite with Trump and the Republican Party when they are the antithesis of everything I believe in . . . Trump violates every value, and the Republicans most of them. Giving Trump a chance to lead with support from a Republican Congress means giving him a chance to implement all the things I detest. When I loathe everything Donald Trump stands for, how can I root for the success of such a despicable and distasteful man?

None of us should ever stop fighting for what is right. By uniting with Trump and the Republicans, we are surrendering to what is not right. What is not moral.