Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Clinton’s Accomplishments and Failures Outweigh Any of Trump’s Accomplishments

Despite all the criticism of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, unlike Trump, who was only serving his own interest and making a lot of money, Clinton was there meeting head-on the complicated task of addressing national and international issues the United States faced.

All of Trump’s supporters have perceived Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as failures. Failure, however, can also be described as lacking an attempt to even try. If Clinton has had failures—such as her attempt at initiating a healthcare plan in 1993—at least she didn't fail at trying. Even the failed 93 healthcare plan is the essence of the Affordable Care Act. It laid the groundwork for what we know as Obamacare today.

Clinton, "while a member of the U.S. Senate sponsored 31 pieces of legislation, including 21 bills, 9 amendments, 33 Senate Resolutions, and 21 concurrent resolutions. Fourteen of her Senate resolutions were passed, expressing the Senate's views on policy or commemorative questions. One of her concurrent resolutions—supporting National Purple Heart Recognition Day—passed both houses. Three became law"

Trump’s followers opine that Clinton kept voting to extend wars and had terrible foreign policies.

I agree she is a hawk. She displays a predisposition to an aggressive foreign policy; more than President Obama and most Democrats. She will continue with Bush’s and Obama’s perpetual wars. However, her views are pretty much in line with the traditional American foreign-policy establishment. She is a big supporter of the military and of American exceptionalism. She voted for Bush’s Iraq War, which was a failure, but that isn’t a singular failure on her part. With few exceptions, the Executive and Congressional branches of government made the same wrong call on Iraq.

On the other hand, Trump hasn’t a clue of the complex issues that are presented in conducting a comprehensive Foreign Policy. There’s a conflict over whether he supported the Iraq War. But, that’s not important; his vote, unlike Clinton’s, didn’t count for anything anyway. Even with Clinton’s missteps, she at least was on the firing line—so to speak—in confronting these issues, and was a part of the decision-making in addressing them. Trump has never been even close to confronting such sensitive, complex, consequential, and high-impact issues.

Trump’s followers don’t seem to understand that he has not accomplished anything other than acquiring a lot of money. They don’t understand that  business is nothing like government and a company executive is not comparable to being the President of the United States.

But more importantly, Trump’s temperament and aggressive behavior is frightening. If he walks his talk, we could be looking at World War III.

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