Monday, August 29, 2016

Convince Me That I Should Vote For Trump

Violence, intimidation, and racism, evidently is what Trump supporters’ support. Therefore, every one of Trump's supporters must approve of vulgar behavior, incivility, intimidation, racism, and acts or threats of violence. There is no other reasonable conclusion. It really needs to be explained why it is reasonable to support Donald Trump. I would really be interested in an honest coherent answer, not just political talking points, to that question. Particularly from those who call themselves Christians.

I will not vote for Trump because he will bring to the presidency all behaviors I abhor and ideas that I don’t support. He will bring to the presidency all of what America should not be.

I am even ashamed that Americans could find his qualities and ideas to be so outstanding that he’s nominated for President of the United States.

It seems not one Trump supporter is willing to, or simply cannot, give me an answer to my question: why is it reasonable to vote for Donald Trump?

I posted this question on social media two days ago. I find it very interesting and amusing that there are no replies.

Please convince me that I should vote for Trump.

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