Saturday, June 11, 2016

Neither Trump Nor Market-Based Solutions Are the Answer to America’s Problems

Storm is Coming timeline photo
Tom Friedman’s latest article, “Dump the G.O.P. for a Grand New Party,” is for the most part true. He argues, “If a party could declare moral bankruptcy, today’s Republican Party would be in Chapter 11.”

He went on to say, “America needs a center-right party ready to offer market-based solutions to issues like climate change.” A center-right party that supports common sense gun laws, fiscal policy, free trade that aids affected workers, and appreciates the complexity of foreign policy.

However, there are no market-based (money-related) solutions to America’s problems. Solutions that address gun laws, fiscal policy, free trade, and managing foreign policy are all money-related. As long as Americans support a market-based economy reliant on the need to make greater and greater profit, and a political system reliant on money to function, we will never solve our problems.

Moreover, Americans vote with their pocketbook. They will vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump based on whichever candidate they perceive will increase their paycheck, not whom will best serve America’s values. They failed to understand that Bernie Sanders’ approach would increase their paychecks by decreasing cost and would increase their paychecks more significantly than any market-based solution.

Eliminating the profit motive from the decision making process is the only way to ameliorate America’s problems. The way to eliminate our problems is a new money-less economic system. It’s the only way to solve the problem of inequality.

Friedman did have one thing right: “This is such a pivotal moment; the world we shaped after W.W. II is going wobbly. This is a time for America to be at its best, defending its best values, which are now under assault in so many places — pluralism, immigration, democracy, trade, the rule of law and the virtue of open societies. Trump will never be a credible messenger, or a messenger at all, for those values.”

Sanders would be a credible messenger. He would defend America’s best values. However, Americans failed to understand the importance of his message and take advantage of the opportunity a Sanders’ presidency offered.