Friday, May 20, 2016

The 2016 Election is An Illusion of Choice and a Farce

The 2016 elections, all elections, are rigged by the political parties, media, corporations, and by wealthy individuals. None of them wants to change a system that is benefiting them. Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders represents a clear and present danger to their monetary excesses because he intends to rein in their extravagance.

Bernie Sanders is the kind of politician we need. He is a decent and honest politician. He is sincere and passionate regarding issues related to racial injustice and income inequality. He has not wavered from his position on these issues and has spent his political career working to improve them. Moreover, Sanders will not accept corporate donations to fund his campaign.

Nonetheless, despite the quality of his campaign, the value of his message and overwhelming support for his candidacy, the news’ networks overwhelmingly supports Donald Trump and to a lesser extent the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

 “The media manufactures consent—for war, for candidates in elections. By bringing you more, for example, of one person like Donald Trump.” Unarguably, the media is ruining this election. That’s because it’s driven by corporate interest and not in the interest of unbiased, fair, and honest reporting.

Moreover, Sanders’ has lost a majority of primaries and caucuses even though he won the vote.

But, how does one lose by winning? It’s because the Democratic National Committee rigged their delegate system with super delegates. It’s because “primary races don’t just feature voters going out and casting a ballot. Instead, several states opt to hold caucuses where a group of representatives vouch for their candidate.” Both designed “to prevent candidates like Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination.”

Similarly, the Republican National Committee rigged their delegate system so that they too can choose the candidate that best represents their political needs, which most often represents their monetary needs.

Democrats and Republicans, indeed all functions of government, are influenced by moneyed interest. It boils down to the fact that the United States is not a democratic republic. It’s an oligarchy.

“The system is an illusion of choice and a farce.” In this, and in so many other ways, the United States is not the country it touts to be.

Copyright © 2016 Horatio Green