Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Will We Destroy the Place We Call Home?

A scrapyard due to destruction and waste., Copyright: Public Domain

At some point in our future, an uninhabitable earth is not an unreasonable thought. Years of disregard for earth can cause components of the earth system to change. Massive changes in earth's weather patterns and pollutants distributed in the air we breathe will eventually make earth too toxic to sustain life.

Consequently, we should not shrug off warnings of cataclysmic environmental transformations.

For those who think that climate change is nonsense . . . what if you’re wrong. What if we wait until it’s too late to take meaningful action.

Under a consumer-driven economy, a system that creates endless demands for more things, a system driven by debt, destruction and waste for the sake of profit over people, it can happen.

The impact of human pollution on the inner workings of earth's system may be debatable short-term. But without regulatory protections and changes in human behavior, a time will come when planet earth will no longer be habitable. Once it happens, it’s not something that we can go back to an earlier time and correct. Starting right now, it’s an issue that must be dealt with proactively by all of us.

There is no doubt, without a change in thinking about air pollution, consumerism, how we dispose of waste, and other factors affecting the environment, and if action is not taken to reverse the trend,  our world will someday be in such a state of decline that we will have destroyed the place we call home.

That’s why all of us “. . . have a moral responsibility to have the United States work with countries all over the world in making sure that the planet that we leave our children and grandchildren is a planet that is healthy and a planet that is habitable. That’s not just a simple truth that’s a moral responsibility.”
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