Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders, No Other Presidential Candidate, Is the Champion for Everyday Americans

Image from Bernie Sander’s FB page
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders trails Hillary Clinton by a close margin. In the polls, Sanders beats Donald Trump. He attracts huge crowds at each of his rallies. Clinton says, “Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion.” But it’s not Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or any other candidate who is the champion for everyday Americans, only Bernie Sanders.

It’s a significant accomplishment for a democratic socialist.

Sanders pledges not to pursue Super PAC funding. Instead, he is pledging grass root funding via small individual donations. Labor Unions have also become significant contributors to his campaign. Hillary Clinton’s funding comes from women and political action committees (PAC). Clinton as well as Republicans rely on PAC funding. Trump says he’s rich enough to fund his own campaign.

Sanders pledges not to turn to negative political commentary or advertising. He pledges to speak only to “life and death issues” that affect the American people.

Sanders is the leading voice on issues like income inequality, universal healthcare, climate change, LGBT rights, civil liberties, mass surveillance policies, campaign finance, and  racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.

Sanders is a leader with a clear vision and conscience who speaks to the debate we must have if we are going to make America what it should be. Sanders’ campaign slogan, "A political revolution is coming,” honestly speaks to what is needed if we are going to create trust in government and make it work for all Americans. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than Bernie Sanders to bring about a political revolution that works in Washington. A Sanders presidency will only be a beginning to solving the hard problem of making the political system work so that it benefits all Americans equally. Every other candidate only promises more of the same status quo.

The fact that Donald Trump is the leading presidential contender says all anyone needs to know about the Republican Party.

Trump is a billionaire showman and real estate magnate who appeals to the blue-collar republican Archie Bunker class. He is no more than that. And, he is an embarrassment.

To elect Donald Trump President of the United States would be like “hiring a plumber to do brain surgery.”

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