Monday, July 20, 2015

Guns, Guns, Guns, and More Guns as the Result of More Homicide and Crime

Considering the money made from promoting and increasing gun ownership, whether legal or not, and the windfall profits made from exploiting crimes committed at the hands of someone with a gun, it’s clear why we can’t solve the gun problem.

Congress, dominated by Republicans, somehow cannot find the right reasons to make laws to adequately regulate guns. Despite many recent right reasons -- the Colorado theater massacre of 12, the mass murder of 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and now the murder in Tennessee of five Marines by a civilian with a gun, Congress still considers these kinds of murders insufficient reason to make laws to stop these tragedies.

The gun lobby says to prevent such tragedies more people need to arm themselves; that is buy more guns. Their view is that people should not be impeded from buying guns, military style guns as well.

The reasons for Congress’ reluctance are simple. Republicans support capitalism and free markets, so it’s completely understandable why they object to laws that affect gun ownership. But capitalism does not function in the best interest of people or society. It functions to serve the self-interest of capitalist.

Under capitalism, if someone needs or wants a gun, they must have money to pay for one. This leaves ownership of a gun to those who have money. Others, particularly those who live in areas where high crime rates exist -- primarily poor neighborhoods -- acquire guns illegally.

Lax gun laws, make it easier to purchase guns. Laxity leads to gun proliferation that makes it easier to steal one.

Gun proliferation makes it necessary for law enforcement to bolster defenses against the probability that every encounter will somehow involve a gun. Law enforcement then finds it necessary to increasingly bolster their arsenal of guns as well as their lethality because confrontation becomes lethal when guns, especially guns designed for military use, are involved.

People who have the ability to purchase guns stockpile guns in response to high levels of crime.

Higher rates of gun ownership lead to higher rates of gun homicide, gun suicide and when there are more guns, there are more crimes committed with a gun.

In those facts are the reasons why there are insufficient regulations. High levels of gun crime are good for capitalist who manufacture guns; as a result of increases in gun crime, the public and law enforcement buy more guns.

© Copyright 2015 Horatio Green