Sunday, June 7, 2015

Capitalist Are in the Throes of Selling the Hangman’s Rope That Will Eventually Cause Their Demise

Someday society will be free from work and need for money; a world where everyone can follow their passions, where everyone is equal, and, once freed from pursuit of empire, money, and profit, a world at peace.

In conversations about prospects of a moneyless world thirty years ago, most people responded negatively, concluding it was a crazy, Marxist, utopian idea. Well, that idea holds merit because of technological advancements in automated robotic and autonomous systems.

No one should take a position that it’s impossible. In light of those advances, it should be evident that eventually automated and autonomous systems will force everyone out of work.

So, we need to be ready to accept a world absent of work, wealth, and other norms that today we associate with life. The transformation will unavoidably lead to a moneyless economy that will solve the problem of unemployment and most, if not all, of our world’s problems.

Transformations are gradual and will not lead to changes overnight. But what might transformation look like. I don’t believe there will be “catastrophic economic collapse” as predicted by National Geographic’s Simon Worrall, but unemployment will continue to be a problem. It’s the first indication of evolutionary change in the transformation. Self-directed enterprises and cooperatives are the next evolutionary change, which is quickly becoming an accepted option.

Worrall concludes, “We are now at a tipping point where robotics, IF NOT HANDLED RIGHT [my emphasis], may trigger mass unemployment and economic collapse [where a moneyless system will be our only choice.]

But, “If we can address these issues, so everyone has access to a reasonable standard of living while enjoying the fruits of technology, we could have a very optimistic, almost utopian, future. If we don’t, for lots of people who are not economically at the top, it’s going to be pretty dystopian. Many people may lose their anchor to the middle class and get into trouble in terms of the necessities of life.”

Today, Karl Marx’s metaphorical phrase, “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope” also holds merit.

Capitalist in their insatiable drive to reduce cost in order to increase profit are the ones who have introduced automation to the workplace. Automation is the rope in Karl Marx's quote that will eventually eliminate the system granting them so much prosperity. For when people no longer have a means to earn money, those who produce the things they buy will no longer profit from the things they produce.

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